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Procrastination is a choice, not a weakness.

Here is how I learnt it…

Launching my blog ( has been a fascinating discovery journey into the mechanism of procrastination and its connection with confidence and self-esteem.

I learnt that procrastination is the enemy of self-confidence, and that personal awareness is the key to stop the mechanism.

Let me tell you this story.

Launching my personal blog had been in the air for quite a long time. At the beginning the theme wasn’t clear. My broad intent was to share my thoughts and practice about organizations and human development. However, I thought the theme was too vague, so I decided to postpone the project…First good reason. Lire la suite

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A powerful metaphor for self-esteem, self-confidence and self-fulfillment

A lot has been said and written about self-confidence.

It is not only one of the three dimensions of our Confidenship™ model: it is the foundation from which the two others (confidence in the other, confidence in life) can grow.

Confidence is like a mirror

  • The more I feel I am trustworthy the more I will act in a way that eventually builds trust.
  • The more confidence I have in myself , the more able I am to place my confidence in the ‘other’.
  • The more confidence I have in « myself and others », the more I can ‘let go’ and place my confidence in life.

But what does self-confidence mean? How to nurture it ? What relationship exists between self-confidence and self-esteem? And how does it support personal fulfillment?

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