A new competency for life, business and a thriving planet

Antoine BARON – CEO of Serensys, executive coach, consultant, speaker


Antoine Baron

My background

After 20 years spent in senior operational roles in large multinationals such as Shell, Michelin and Solvay, I have chosen to dedicate my professional life to researching, coaching and consulting on the broad topic of the human side of organizations.

My deep intent

My deep intent is to contribute to bringing purpose, serenity and energy within organizations.
Along side this broad purpose, I have a personal focus and research interest in the subject of confidence, which I see as a transformational competency in the 21st century.


Who I am and what I do

I am the father of four children and I live in Lyon, France. I spend my professional time between my different roles, as a CEO of consulting firm Serensys, as an executive coach (CPCC), as a speaker, as the co-founder of Organic Lab, a ‘think&do-Tank’ dedicated to new organizational paradigms, and… as the author of this blog !