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From leadership to confidenceship™

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Now and in the coming decades humanity is facing the greatest challenges it has ever had to face. At a local level history shows us the many challenges that people have encountered.  For the first time those challenges are now being addressed to all of humankind, and beyond… I’m talking about the environment, biodiversity, poverty, access to water, mass unemployment, stress, loss of identity and ethical questions arising from technological revolutions…the list goes on!

“Well, don’t worry”, some will say!  Look at the thousands of initiatives that flourish daily all over the world, inventing and testing new solutions. Be confident that human genius will once again demonstrate its endless capacity! ». New ways of producing energy are being developed, new ways of manufacturing and recycling goods, new business models, new technologies, new ways to organize, new ways to manage…bla bla bla

But in the midst of this concert about “newness”, the famous insight from Albert Einstein keeps coming back to me: “We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking we used when we created it.

We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking we used when we created it

And immediately after, a deep feeling happens in my head and stomach that tells me something more fundamental needs to change. The solution must come from a different place; if not, then the same cause will produce the same result, and no one can predict what may happen for the planet and for our species.

The different place I’m talking about is a place of ‘Being’, or you might say a place of consciousness, not the place of ‘Doing’ we are all too familiar with.

Yes, I think that our time demands a new consciousness to emerge, and it certainly doesn’t give us much time to respond: one or two generations at maximum, if at all.

Now let me share with you one piece of good news: change is already under way! This reminds me of another insighful quote, by French writer and poet Victor Hugo: “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”.

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come

Why do I pretend change is already under way? Well… just take a look at the thousands of books and articles that nowadays are published daily on social media about personal development, meditation, altruism, sobriety, ecology, social business, happiness at work etc.  Another fact: my job (I’m a coach) is about to become as common as a baker is in France, up to the point that sometimes I joke that I will bump into a colleague on every street corner!

Look at the famous Gen Y or Z. What do they value? How do they regard human collaboration? Don’t you feel this new consciousness growing? I do, and this gives me hope for the future.

Now, If the time has come for a new way of being, maybe it also means that the time has come for us to develop new competencies. Not in the technical sense of course, but in what we call in french “savoir-être”.

Leadership has been the competency of the 20th century

In this respect, one could argue that Leadership has been the competency of the 20th century. Millions of leaders, managers, students, consultants and professors have been fascinated by the concept. How many theories, books and articles have been written on this subject? Tens of thousands!

Of course early on many downsides to the concept were observed, but once again the human creativity has been called upon to rescue the idea, offering subtle variations to cover the obvious weaknesses: inside-out, servant, situational, transformational, responsible, ethical, X, Y etc.

However a common trait has always remained: focusing on the self, Leadership magnifies the power of the individual and its extraordinary ability to drive tremendous achievements. The glorious and Promethean self is seen as a separated self, isolated from the rest of creation, including other beings and nature in general.

Now let me ask the question: To what end?

Well, … that depends on your perspective. Let’s look at it from the moon, at a sufficiently high level! From this point, let’s watch our planet, our lives and our organizations. And maybe from the same place, let’s now focus on this particular animal called “Leadership”. Let’s look at how it served humanity and the planet (it certainly did), but let’s look also at how it contributed to creating the disasters and challenges of our time.

What humanity is facing today is a consequence of a worldview that prevailed over the past centuries and that flourished in the 20th century, with a magnified concept such as Leadership.


It’s time to burn our idols. The time for Leadership is over. 

That’s why I think it is time to burn our idols. Leadership has had its time. It is no longer what our time demands. Something new must emerge.

New competencies (again in“Being” mode) will shape a new stage of consciousness. Among those at the very least, I believe altruism and kindness, will have their place.

But there is one I tend to place at the highest level, convinced that it has in itself the power to transform our planet, our lives and our businesses. I’m talking about confidence, or the ability to be confident and develop confidence at all levels.

With a new competency comes the need for a new word. I call it CONFIDENCESHIP.

In this blog I will introduce CONFIDENCESHIP as a three dimensional competency, all 3 dimensions being interdependent.

  • Confidence in self
  • Confidence in others
  • Confidence in life

And I will represent those three dimensions of confidence with the following illustration.

3 levels of confidenceship UK

The three “Being” dimensions of confidence


Here are some very important aspects of the concept of “Confidenceship”, a subject to which I will return many times on this blog :

  • There is a “natural” sequence in the development of the three dimensions
  • But each dimension needs the two others to flourish
  • The intensity of each determines the intensity of the other two
  • All are transformational
  • … And apply to any system, be it an individual, a team or an organization.


So what can you expect from this blog?

Throughout the coming weeks and months, I will publish regular posts that will cover a specific dimension of the concept of confidenceship™:how it can be developed and nurtured at the level of an individual, a team or an organization, and what transformational power it has.

My focus will mainly be on the impact of such competency in transforming organizations and relationships in business, building on my experience as a coach and consultant for medium and large organizations in France and Europe. However it is quite obvious that developing such a competency will have a larger impact, beginning at home with family and personal relationships.

I do not pretend to be right and own all the truth. What I can offer is a modest contribution to the on-going shift of consciousness. If people find it useful and offer me their reactions, comments, input or challenges, I will be more than happy.



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