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Procrastination is a choice, not a weakness.

Here is how I learnt it…

Launching my blog ( has been a fascinating discovery journey into the mechanism of procrastination and its connection with confidence and self-esteem.

I learnt that procrastination is the enemy of self-confidence, and that personal awareness is the key to stop the mechanism.

Let me tell you this story.

Launching my personal blog had been in the air for quite a long time. At the beginning the theme wasn’t clear. My broad intent was to share my thoughts and practice about organizations and human development. However, I thought the theme was too vague, so I decided to postpone the project…First good reason. Lire la suite

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Why positive feedback won’t always hit the mark

Nowadays I see a large number of blog posts, books and articles on the importance of promoting a culture of feedback and recognition within organizations. I can only support this. External recognition is as necessary for any woman or man as the sun is for a tree to grow (cf. the confidence metaphor).

But interestingly many leaders in coaching get back to me saying: « Antoine, I try to do it, but it doesn’t seem to work the way I imagined. It seems as if my positive feedback didn’t affect her». I’m sure you’ve also had the same experience!

I’ve practiced feedback and recognition for many years, firstly as a manager, then as a coach and consultant, and as much as possible as a father and husband. And like my clients, I’ve sometimes seen cases where the impact was beautiful, and other times where positive feedback seemed to have less effect than a small stone dropped in a lake.

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A powerful metaphor for self-esteem, self-confidence and self-fulfillment

A lot has been said and written about self-confidence.

It is not only one of the three dimensions of our Confidenship™ model: it is the foundation from which the two others (confidence in the other, confidence in life) can grow.

Confidence is like a mirror

  • The more I feel I am trustworthy the more I will act in a way that eventually builds trust.
  • The more confidence I have in myself , the more able I am to place my confidence in the ‘other’.
  • The more confidence I have in « myself and others », the more I can ‘let go’ and place my confidence in life.

But what does self-confidence mean? How to nurture it ? What relationship exists between self-confidence and self-esteem? And how does it support personal fulfillment?

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Is your organization ‘high trust’?

 Is your organization a ‘High trust’ organization or a ‘Low trust’ organization?

This question is one of my favorite workshop themes for my clients. Let me explain why.

Beginning with ‘the experience’.

Take a group of employees, preferably mixing executives and non-executives, and split them into two groups.

The first group is asked to brainstorm on the following subject:

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From leadership to confidenceship™

Now and in the coming decades humanity is facing the greatest challenges it has ever had to face. At a local level history shows us the many challenges that people have encountered.  For the first time those challenges are now being addressed to all of humankind, and beyond… I’m talking about the environment, biodiversity, poverty, access to water, mass unemployment, stress, loss of identity and ethical questions arising from technological revolutions…the list goes on!

“Well, don’t worry”, some will say!  Look at the thousands of initiatives that flourish daily all over the world, inventing and testing new solutions. Be confident that human genius will once again demonstrate its endless capacity! ». New ways of producing energy are being developed, new ways of manufacturing and recycling goods, new business models, new technologies, new ways to organize, new ways to manage…bla bla bla

But in the midst of this concert about “newness”, the famous insight from Albert Einstein keeps coming back to me: “We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking we used when we created it.

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